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IdenticonRenderer ArgumentException in AddPointToGraphicsPath


From comments on Phil Haack's post (
"I couldn't get this working on Win7/VS2008. It seems CloseFigure() works a bit differently in that it if you have more than one PathPointType of CloseSubPath it throws a "Parameter is not valid" exception. I managed to fix this by removing the gp.ClosePath() from AddPointToGraphicsPath() and putting in patch.ClosePath() in PatchSize set{} after the for loop has completed."
Where ClosePath should be: CloseFigure.


flashvenom wrote Dec 27, 2013 at 2:30 AM

Thanks for posting this comment - to save future users even more time

On file IdenticonRenderer.cs
Remove line 122 ("path.CloseFigure();")
Now add "patch.CloseFigure();" after line 88