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Project Description
This is a .NET port of Don Park's Identicon concept.

What Is This?

An Identicon is a small, anonymized visual glyph that represents a hash of an IP address. This project is a .NET port of Don Park's original identicon Java project.


Using this is simple. Drop the Identicon.dll in your bin directory for your website. Add the file named IdenticonHandler.ashx to your web project.

Create image tags with the following format.

<img src="IdenticonHandler.ashx?code=CODE&amp;size=80" width="80" height="80" alt="Identicon" />

The code can be generated via a call to the method:

Store the generated code in your database along with the comment or item it is associated with and use that code when rendering your image tag later.


Version 1.1 just released: 1.1 Production


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